Exhibiting Know How

Exhibitions are proven to be one of the most effect forms of marketing and promotional activity.

A little planning before the event will help you to maximise your return on investment and make the most of the opportunities available.

Below are our top 5 tips on successful exhibiting:

Plan your presence at the show

Think about what your main objective is – meet new contacts, promote a product, collate data etc. Plan everything from furniture, stand layout, data capture method and so on around achieving your objective.

Read the exhibitor manual

It’s not as scary as you think and contrary to popular belief the show organiser does not write it for their own entertainment. Manuals are normally sent out 6-8 weeks prior to the show. Not all of it will be relevant to everyone but it will contain those all important bits of information that are essential to you.

Brief and train your stand personnel

Having the right people on your stand is essential, think about what personalities and knowledge will help you achieve your objectives. Ensure that the personnel on the stand know your objectives and know all of the housekeeping information for the show – venue location, parking etc.

Get involved in the free marketing & PR

The marketing team can’t shout about what you are doing if you don’t tell them. Send through newsworthy stories, competition details, quotes and any other relevant information for use in pre-event publicity. Use the promotional material sent to you to tell your customers you are going to be there and make sure marketing team know so they can tie in with your usual campaign.


Good planning at the beginning will mean you can make a proper evaluation at the end. Produce a brief report on your success so you can make a sound business decision to re-book and make sure you get feedback from everyone involved. After the show, any success stories will guarantee you some free promotion!